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    July 15, 2005



    If I don't get to see a picture of you in that costume, then I won't be speaking to you anymore.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Ooooh, tell my fortune, Nilbo! Or do I have to give you a specific question, like the magic 8-ball?

    And yes, I'm with Torrie on the costume pictures. We, the Internet as a Whole, need them in order to continue our pathetic little lives.


    The cynical, eye-rolly thing is the reason I've never seen Titanic.

    I love your writing, and that depressing fortune you cooked up is pure brilliance.


    I am jealous. You get to tell fortunes, to children. That should be so much fun. I love your wiritng.


    Oooh ooh--what's my fortune? I've already met my tall dark man, what about a fortune? Hmm?


    I will not be at the bookstore tonight at midnight. But I will there tomorrow morning at 9 waiting for the doors to open. I completely agree with your assessment of the Harry Potter series. In fact, I'm having a mini-fit because my nephew is getting married tomorrow so I'm going to have to put that book down for a few hours to go there.

    I actually decided to buy the first book because so many "Christians" in my area were complaining about it. I sailed right through it and had to go buy books 2 and 3 right away. Since then I've had to (im)patiently await the releases. Looking forward to book 6.

    Have fun tonight and be sure to get your copy, too!


    I can't wait for the release and I'm jealous that you will be able to participate in a Potter Party tonight! I doubt if I can stay up until midnight tonight - but I'll be at the bookstore bright and early tomorrow morning.

    As far as fortunes go...can you tell if...Dooce will open up her comment section again? :-) j/k

    Have fun tonight!


    What, no comment on the picture? Squirl, I included it just for you!!!! Go look at it closely!

    suburban misfit

    Me! Me! Me!

    Read my fortune, oh great and powerful Nilbo!


    I too am anxiously awaiting the book; I pre-bought it, but I refuse to go to the store tonight for all the hoopla. NOw my fortune being told - that might get me there. Where are you??!!


    Nilbo, duh, I can't believe I missed the picture. I love it! My school days would have been so much cooler had I been able to go through Platform nine and 3 quarters to get there. Thanks!


    Of COURSE I'd like an online fortune telling!!!

    What a fabulous post. I absolutely love the picture, and agree with everything you've said here. I too, want to loathe Harry Potter because of all the hype, but I love the books so much, they've changed my life, I swear. I am like a giddy child when I read them, and go on and on to my husband about how much I love em.

    I can't wait until my daughter is just a little bit older - we'll dive right into them, and I'm sure she'll be enamoured with the world of magic and owls, and castles wizards as well.

    Hopefully the release of this book with cast a ray of sunshine through the dark cloud that has come over the UK since the bombings.

    By the way (sorry, I'm rambling), my sister studied abroad at the University of St. Andrews two years ago... just outside Edinburgh, and we went to visit her over Christmas time for two weeks. These places (Edinburgh, St. Andrews, The Highlands, London, etc.)ARE TRULY magical. Before I had been to Scotland and England, I couldn't imagine how Rowling could come up with these fabulous ideas... but once I went there, I realized the story was everywhere. That's the way things really are. All she had to do was look around, and use a great imagination.


    On my first tour in England, we went to St. Andrews to golf. Gorgeous country - I adore Scotland. And yes, everywhere you turn it seems there's a scene or castle or building that would look perfectly natural in a Harry Potter movie.


    Great picture! Sounds like you will have fun with the sparking ball and all the kids. I don't mind the hype as a rule when there's kids reading books involved. Bring it on, I say. Better hype for this than for some pop star who doesn't write her own songs...


    Nilbo- you never stop amazing me with the power of your writing. You are funny, witty & well spoken.

    A beauty contest & a fortune teller all in one month?



    purchasing office supplies is the best you could come up with? wheres the crude? and there best be pictures.


    I took the kids to the bookstore at midnight. Brennen is reading as I type. I havent read any of the Harry Potter books, but he has them all. I might pick of the first one and start reading it. He loves them all.

    Amanda B.

    My husband LOVES the Harry Potter books. He got a "free ticket" for the new one on his birthday and we are heading to the bookstore today to get it for him. (he's like a little kid- it's adorable)

    Your daughters sound like wonderfully diverse and intelligent people. Nice job Pop!


    So, the new HP book has been released into the world, huh? I haven't read any of them (pesky medical school), but I am sure I will get a report from my brother, who is lifeguarding for the summer. He hasn't read them either, but after the last release he counted 28 people reading the book out in the sun by the pool.

    And I am ALL FOR anyone who writes books that get children to read. Screw the boring classics. What we need to give kids when they are young is a glimpse into the joy that reading can be.

    Jim Fogg

    Will I be taller?


    I can't wait for you to read the book so we can discuss it!


    I'm not a real Fortune Teller; I just play one on special occasions. So I can't really tell anyone's future, except by simple deduction. So, for instance, I can hazard a guess that one day Bucky will be involved in a lawsuit involving unauthorized (and lascivious) use of common kitchen utensils. And Jim, I'm sorry but no, you will not be taller. In fact, you will shrink.

    Hey, don't shoot the messenger, kids.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I'm workin' on that lawsuit as we speak...
    Oh, this collander will never be the same...


    hey funny...
    i used to work
    at the bookmark...

    of all the jobs i had
    it was one of the best...

    even if i did get stuck
    at the bottom of the escalator with a cart of books
    that refused to move

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