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    July 17, 2005



    I'm so glad you had fun!
    What's going to be neat is how those kids will say, 'I remember when I was a little girl. There was this fortune teller who told me to be a famous writer and give him a small percentage of it...'

    You should have used your power for evil!! lol.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself!


    You look like the ideal fortuneteller and acted the part so well. In the proper circumstances, messing with kids' minds can be downright fun!


    That picture made my day.


    ahhh, you should go on tour doing this ;)
    The pict cracked me up, good one!!!!

    suburban misfit

    You could make a bundle working the birthday party/barmitzvah/batmitzvah party scene.

    And then you could give me a percentage of said bundle for suggesting it.


    Sounds like it was great fun. Let me know when you read your book. Finished mine late Saturday.


    What fun! You wear a babuschka well.

    They say you can make a fortune telling them.


    WHOA. That picture is HOT. You are HOT, dude. Seriously, I just might make it my desktop background. ;)


    You could make a "fortune" at telling fortunes--if I were a little kid, I would have been totally taken...rather gullible little girl I was....maybe still am....


    Loved the dialogue on this post. What fun, to see those little faces light up. Well done, Nilbo.


    My grandmother wore those on her head when she cleaned. She's hungarian, and called it the same thing. :-)


    Mr. Nilbo,
    Thanks for the great read (again).

    Home Detention Lady

    Ahhhh - how sweet. What a good dad. There should be more like you. (I got one, too.)

    Home Detention Lady

    I linked you back.


    Gold is realllly your color dahling...

    The Spurious Plum

    Your beard is looking pretty foxy, mister.

    P.S. Love the new decorations.

    P.P.S Stay away from my corn.


    You so totally rock. And you make a very sexy pirate/fortune teller

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    The babuschka makes me weak in the knees. And it makes me think of the Kate Bush song "Babooshka" so it's cool on two counts.

    Any chance you have photos of you in the babuschka and nothing else?


    Oh, yeah .. the world wants that ...


    Ha! Sounds like you had fun. And...wait...I'm getting something from you...I see you are a watcher of Mad About You!


    Hehehe I watch everything, Ern .. and when I hear a good line, I ingest it and spit it out when the situation calls for it.


    Well, aren't you just the cutest thing ever! I'm sure you were WONDERFUL in the role, and not soon to be forgotten by some wide-eyed children.

    Now, tell me, when will my satellite radio stock (SIRI) make me RICH??? I must leave this hellhole called WORK at once!


    (Fingertips on the crystal ball) Tess, you are already rich, and deep down, you know it when you snuggle with B. In terms of material wealth, you'll have that and to spare the day you stop working for money and follow your greatest passion.

    Go ahead. Tell me that's not dead on.

    I really AM good at this.


    Damn spunky in the fortune tellers garb. I have one of those balls, a little bigger than yours (YES! for once somethings was bigger than Nilbos!) and with the voice activation. I never thought to use it for fortune telling, but it works a treat at mini-raves. well, it did before my neighbours started complaining about the noise. Bastards.


    (sigh) I hate it when women have bigger balls than me.

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