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    July 21, 2005


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    So it's not just Americans who can't fathom what those fuckers 'cross the pond are talkin' about? I feel slightly less rube-ish now.

    Spotted dick. Ate same.

    suburban misfit

    My favorite line in "Chicken Run" is when the rooster (can't think of his name at the moment) says, "I swear she ain't usin' real words," speaking about the Scottish hen.

    So funny.


    Bucky ate Spotted Dick? Oh, dear. There will be a slight pause. My head just exploded from all the possible jokes.

    Hehe good line, S.U. And I love Steve Martin's line about the French: "It's like they have a different word for EVERYTHING!"

    But man .. these words are supposed to make sense. They're in damn Englaish!


    OMG...I will read this post about 700 more times and laugh as hard as the first time!! I love you Nilbo!!


    Laughing so much I can hardly type.
    Great Commentary. Usually I only see British humor on PBS.

    As an aside, your new letters are a bit small, so I did the Control + keys and got enlargements. I'll really have to give DoF a proper Thanks for showing me and my bifocals that trick.

    Amanda B.

    Wicket was that little creature in Gremlins. Oh, I guess he was a Gremlin then. I don't know why these folks want to torture small fuzzy creatures, but...

    No wait. Wicket was the main Ewok in Jedi. What was I thinking!


    That made me laugh so hard, I could barely get through it! So then of course, I read the whole thing out loud to the animals in a British accent, interrupting myself with fits of laughter the whole time. Hysterical!

    PS: I think the dog finds me to be a bit tiresome.


    You're not alone, Nils, I'm British and I don't understand it either but the whole code thing makes perfect sense! Thanks for starting my day on a high note.


    I think I'll stick to Quidditch.


    I really, really, really, want to ziga zig Ahhhhh.


    the little furry gremlins, before they become mean gremlins, are called mogwai. I didn't know that, a friend told me. I am culturally impaired and have never seen gremlins. I did listen to spice girls a couple of times though. Couldn't understand what they were saying though. Zigga zay ahh?? wtf?? and if you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends? share and share alike I guess!


    Only recently did I find out spotted dick was not a urological condidtion but a pudding, thanks to musafir.

    Spotted Dick.

    yum yum...Isn't that enticing.


    OMG! I go to Bucky's and find Wader Man and you with your "junk" in the desk...then I come here and find a spotted dick. I must link you now.

    Spurious Plum

    All I know is 'Basil Thrumptonsongin' sounds alot like the name of a kid who's about to kill his parents.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Spotted Dick on my plate just makes me think there's a very sad horsie out there somewhere.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Wait, Spotted Dick is pudding?


    Guess we know from which part of the horse it issues forth.


    Fortunately, rain may make the wicket less lively. There is some hope England may salvage a draw. Oh for the days of the Mighty Botham. Where are the giants of yore?


    You don't fool me, Christopher. It's gibberish and you know it. The jig is up.

    Deep Purple

    omg! How funny!


    Nilbo- check out my comment on Torries site, and let me know if thats what your getting at. Thanks!


    I sucked ass on your quiz...please forgive me?


    Sorry about the quiz post....I have too many tabs open. As I hit 'post' I realized I may be in the wrong was meant for strizz.


    Hahaha ... I was wondering what quiz I gave you that caused you to suck ass .. and wondering how I could give you a re-test.


    LMAO Nilbo! That was great. You rock.


    Can you run that by me one more time? That is English you say, but it's English with a speech impediment.

    I live on a street with three googlies and a cropper, by the way.


    As in Scrabble, proper names do not count.


    Knock yourself out folks... a friend and I actually attempt to email each other in the British foreign tongue (err type)


    Three googlies and a cropper, spotted dick? I've heard there's a pill for those conditions.

    Have you investigated the true origins of this nomenclature? Try googling english bird names. Very amusing.


    what does "Nilbo" mean?

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    It means "well hung"

    (that's what he told me, anyway)


    Nilbo is a nickname I've had since I was 13 years old, given to me by a classmate who had read The Hobbit ... I hated the nickname for the first few years, then grew resigned to it ... now it's something my closest friends call me and I quite like it. And while Bucky is right, that it does mean "well-hung", that's something that came over time ... much the way "Kleenex" has supplanted "tissues".


    Ok I have read this several times now and of course, spotted dick keeps popping out at me.

    Should I be concerned? And where is the pin striped pussy?


    Hey, bud, I posted your birding story over on my site today. I loved it, so I wanted everyone to get a chance to read it as well. :)

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I saw the pics you posted of your new outfit, Jess. YOU are the pinstriped pussy.


    I saw your bird story over at Ern's place. It's really good. Everyone should go over there and read it. While they're at it, they should just read Ern's site. It's really good.

    I love where your nickname came from. I never thought of Nilbo, Bilbo. I wasn't sure I liked Squirl when I was first given this name. But it's stuck and it's just me now.


    You've been leaving cool comments all over blogland, but your own post here is getting gray hairs.
    An update, pretty please, Mr. Nilbo, sir?!


    Well, having a boyfriend who loves cricket, I have been subjected to it. I hate it, but's not hoclkey thank christ.

    The lingo is something else to understand...never mind the rules of the bleeping game.

    Don't feel bad. I don't get it either.

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