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    June 24, 2005



    This is a great picture. I can hear him.
    Actually, the guy two doors down is home from college and is playing his sax on his back porch on this very hot summer evening on the prairie. So I sit here looking at a fella in Paris and hearing a kid in Illinois and my heart is melting. I'm so glad it's Friday....

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    You captured the "solo face" rather well here, and the guy behind him looks like he's kinda spacin' out and groovin' on it.

    Hope the sax maniac got lots of change in the case.


    This is the best! I'm so glad you had a great trip to the tower...and a great time after :)


    In Chicago there is the infamous "peanuts for Jesus" guy who will chase you from car to car on the El if you don't buy a $1 bag o nuts. I just had visions of this guy following people around tootling Kenny G songs at them until they paid up.


    What a MOMENT! I can almost feel the whole setting, and hear the music at the same time.
    It's a good thing you had your camera with you. In cases like this, there's not much to be said for a "photographic memory". Better to capture the moment and share with the world!
    great shot. ;)


    Great photo!

    Ah, Paris.


    The impromptu snapshots usually turn out to be the best at capturing the spirit of the moment. They show an authenticity rarely seen in more formal, planned, or posed photographs.


    What a wonderful thing to have a memory of. I cant wait to be in Paris someday....

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