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    June 12, 2005



    I'm grilling rib eye steaks and garlic bread tonight. this couldnt be more timely. ;)


    Try this: exchange the mayo with tahini and the butter for puree of chickpea. Triple the parsley and make it fresh and add lemon juice. I want you to live.


    Ah, Alan ... you never were any good at following instructions.

    And Laura ... I know you, of all people, will enjoy ...

    suburban misfit

    I have this very same recipe. It truly is the Garlic Spread of the Gods.


    Nils: if it is "killer" garlic spread, then it's all too easy for us to use it for evil, not good ;)

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Thank you for giving us the recipe with no strings attached, Nilbo. I was about to offer you sex with my spouse.


    Ah, Bucky ... you wouldn't want to do that. I'm just that damn good ...


    THANK YOU. You are a gentleman and a scholar. (HEH. Forgot where I was there for a second!) But it would appear that you make a fine garlic spread. Kindly indulge us just a bit more: I would imagine there are many ways to use this spread. Your favorites?


    My favourite way is on my homemade multi-grain bread ... another simple recipe, if you have a breadmaker: 1 1/2 c. water, 2 tsp sugar, 1 tsp salt, 3 1/2 c. multi-grain flour, 1 1/2 tsp yeast (all ingredients in that order in the breadpan!). Set breadmaker to "Dough/pasta" setting. When the cycle is complete, remove the dough, plop it on a lightly floured counter, punch it down to remove air pockets, roll it out, then roll the flattened dough into a tube/loaf shape, tucking in the ends and pinching the seams. Lay on a lightly greased cookie tin, baste with vegetable oil, cover with plastic wrap, then a towel, and let rise for an hour or two. Then pop it into an oven for about 20 - 25 minutes at 350 degrees. Perfect loaf of flavourful, healthy bread every time, if you follow these instructions to the letter and don't say "Oh, probably this kind of flour is just as good as multi-grain ..." No guarantees the recipe will translate, is all I'm saying.

    No breadmaker, or no energy/time/whatever? It's a great spread on Calabrese bread, storebought Italian, whatever.


    Oh YUMMM! I think I'll have to go out and buy some parmesan cheese just so I can make this...maybe not tonight, but soon! And then I have to buy a breadmaker to make that yummy bread recipe you gave us...and to think this recipe is for free...wonderful!


    Thank you, again. My husband will love you for the bread.


    I agree to the conditions. Thanks - I sure do love garlic.


    Sounds like my dad's spread, only there are other spices involved.


    I am extremely behind in checking this blog and was pleased to see that Nils is sharing his garlic spread recipe.
    Every word he wrote regarding the deliciousness of his spread is the gospel truth.
    One night he attended a dinner party at our house and brought his multi grain bread and garlic spread. Together, or I expect separate as well, they are orgasmic. All other food that was served at dinner took a back seat to his "gift from his kitchen." And even more...the bread arrived still warm from the oven.

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