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    June 02, 2005



    Your experiences in those first few channels sound exactly like how I felt at first in the dooce comments "chat room." Everything you said, I completely relate to. Especially how remarkable it is to meet people online to whom you completely relate and in some cases even grow to love. I love the way such a diverse and international group of people can form a close-knit community, a technologically-enhanced urban family.


    HOLY Smokes!! I've got to collect myself first.

    have mercy. I'm still reeling from this post.
    I just got home, decided to "check my email" and came over here instead.
    boy, you sent one outta the ball park today Nils. I cannot believe it has been 10 years already.
    When you told me to look closely at Erin's picture from Paris, I almost cried. It's been an incredible watching our girls grow up. I wouldnt have traded it for the world. And I had you to lean on every time the going got rough.
    And every time it was good, I always thought to myself: "I've got to tell Nils about this."

    I'm going to go make some coffee because right now, I want to say everything all at once.
    and BYYYY the wayyy, as far as the who messaged whom debate: I have always maintained that I never message strange men on the internet. And that's the truth as far as you know ;)

    Here's to the next 10 years ***

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I shall whisper this part, out of shame and fear of taunting: My first online experience was AOL in 1993.
    I really dug chat at first, but burned out on it quickly because of the rampant, well, stupidity in AOL chat.
    And then, mercifully, I was kicked off of AOL. Another story for another day.

    But I wear it like a velcro badge of honor: Banned from AOL for Life.

    Glad I got out on the "real" Internet and met people like you and all the other crazy mofos I met in Dooce comments.


    I am still the naive one going Wow .. I made somebody Laugh Out Loud. Cool.

    suburban misfit

    My first memorable internet experience was in 1990 or 1991, when chat rooms were just starting up. I ended up a regular on one...I can't remember the whole name now, but it had England in it somewhere. I met and became good friends with Bosco (not his real name, and not from the East Coast of the US). We eventually started talking on the phone and had I not had a boyfriend (who became my husband) something surely would have developed. As it was, I was a little apprehensive about my feelings for him (were there any? I don't know.) and when he came to the US on vacation, I made myself unavailable.

    I regret that. I wonder whatever happened to him....


    oh my...I may trump all of you and will validate my geekdom forever and my age, which is 40 - I started in 1984 in undergrad on the fak.merspap at Carnegie Mellon University - now known as opera-l, or "Opera-List".
    Yep. A bunch of whacked-out opera geeks online. Many of us are still there, many of us unsub/sub based on how many flame wars about Renata Tebaldi are going on, and I will never forget what the elm and pine email clients look like. They are UNIX-based and still in use at some colleges.


    whfropera, I bow at your geeky feet ;) did not even know there WAS internet in 1984...I mean, I did not know of its existence when I was 14 that year, and I did not know now that it went that far back. That is so cool.

    I am a comparatively relative newcomer to the net (1998); and like Bucky, my first brush with it was AOL (and Bucky! You had totally better blog about getting kicked off of AOL! I am going to be checking in, and if you don't write about it, I will harass you in your comments until you do!). The first thing was jump into a Chinese chat room, oddly enough. Not so odd if you know I lived in China for three years, I guess, but still an unexpected place! And even though I think AOL is a big waste of money now, I did love those chat rooms. COLOR! .WAV FILE SOUNDS! COOL FONTS! ROLLING THE DICE (though I still don't get that...rolling a 1000-sided dice??? Eh???)! I liked that they were real time. Fast and hard to follow at first, but like Nilbo said, I figured it out soon enough.

    My life changed in 1998. If I have time to waste, my first thought is always, "I'm just going to go check my e-mail..." ;)

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Opera gal - Nobody better say anything bad about Pine mail, since I only recently abandonded it at work. UNIX and command-line interface rock my world, baby.

    Andrea - guess I'll have to spill the AOL beans one o' these days.


    Command line jokes for BFE:

    % make love
    Make: Don't know how to make love. Stop.

    % sleep with me
    bad character

    % got a light?
    No match.


    Nilbo- sorry to use up your bandwidth with this :)

    The Internet actually goes back to about 1965 - it was a research tool developed on college campuses and using gov't grants. That Internet, known as Internet1, is the Internet we know and love today, because it has primarily been abandonded by the research institutions.

    There is an Internet2 .....cue spooky music


    Qucik, everybody, gather 'round .. an old person is telling a story!!!!!


    ok, that is enough of that shit right now, mister.


    oh damn, i tried to code *grins* and it didnt work.


    Heeheehee. I've done that, using the whattyacallem angled parentheses and had it not appear ... and worry that everybody will think I'm serious. Fortunately, it's me, so nobody ever thinks I'm serious anyway.


    seriousness is overrated - just ask Bucky.


    I signed on in 1999, and quickly became addicted to the chat rooms. I loved to lurk in the rooms and pounce on the straight lines. I lost 40 pounds in the first three months on what I call the AOL diet -- work, little sleep, and eating yogurt at the keyboard when I would remember to eat at all.

    AndreaBT that the I see around some places?


    I'm not sure, but this link has a lot of info:


    Hobson's choice...somehow that's how I got here...I don't know where you wrote these words, I want to say Lawbrat?, but I'm not sure...

    so HI!

    I die for the chance to say Hobson's choice or Occam's razor...

    Not many opportunitites...


    Heeheee ... let me make you all sweaty, then, by mentioning "Pascal's Wager" ... ohhhh ...


    Your story made me smile. I have met one of the best friends if not the best friend I will ever have in a chat room. Our paths should have never crossed but they did. She is the sister of my soul.

    Technology-ain't it grand?


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