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    June 25, 2005



    Looks like you are having a great weekend!


    Wow, I've never seen anything like that before. The sight of all those lupines would make me stop in my tracks. That is just beautiful!!
    I'd be out there all day with a camera, Nils. I'd even ignore the herons. ;)


    Beautiful lupins, beautiful writing.


    The calendar in the church kitchen has a picture of these for this month of June. Today I got to say the name of the flower and look like I'm smart because I knew it. Then I told the lady to look up your weblog, because it is my source. Thanks for the able assistance!


    I hestitate to share this for fear that you will lose all respect for me. (What? You had no respect for me to begin with? Well then, that makes this much easier.) I don't like lupins. I never have. They are pointy, and I don't think flowers should be pointy. There, I said it.

    However, the field full of them does look quite nice.


    Point taken. (g) Individual lupins? Nothing special. Hundreds or thousands in a rolling field? If you've got a pulse, you have to be impressed.


    Yea, I'm coming to visit.


    Wow, I LOVE lupines. Those photos take me right back to the Rocky Mountains in my mind.

    Thanks for the wonderful compliments you left on my blog. *blushing*


    MMMMMMMMMMMMM yummy purple flowers. Mmmmmmm purple. ahhhh happy.


    Whoa, look at that. Delightful. Thanks for sharing.


    Wow. If there is a heaven this would be it for me! (Well, that and an endless bag of calorie-free Doritos...)

    Amanda B.

    Holy Moly, that is amazing. Beautiful pics!

    suburban misfit


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I got no problem with pointy things...


    Nilbo--re: the t-shirt quilt, you have to use an interfacing, as Annejelynn pointed out on my side. It irons onto the shirt squares and then the squares can be ironed onto some thin, non-stretchy fabric. And yes, it would be a GREAT wedding present.


    I posted a pic of a lupin on my site. My brother took this photo in Nova Scotia.


    Happy Canada Day! And beautiful lupins.


    Can I come live in your back yard?


    i'm from P.E.I.,now live in Alabama. Miss those lupines but we did plant a couple but all we are getting are the leaves. How long before we see the actual flower? First time planting them.


    Hey Lynn, and welcome ... I'm not sure how long it takes - they're perennials, so it may be you might not get flowers the first time planting them. On the Island, they just grow in ditches and fields wild (as you know), and there's nothing but leaves for about a month or two, then BAM, last week of June, they begin blloming and start to peter out in the middle of the second week of July. By the third week of July, it's all just leaves and stems.

    Home Detention Lady

    Awesome pics! I haven't ever seen a field like that in person. You're lucky!

    Andrew Spark

    I just found your absolutely wonderful website.

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