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    June 13, 2005


    suburban misfit

    Something funny.

    (Actually, I'm depressed, too because I relate a little too well to everything you wrote.)


    isn't that the truth?
    i might swap out one of them for a cleaner credit report...


    I miss that place I lived in my head.


    Bob in Accounting

    Hey! I'll have you know Insurance Adjuster's are not all dull and ordinary. We have lives too, man. I work 60 hours a week in this cubicle and if I wasn't so tired at the end of the week, i'd have more time to spend with my kids, too. After my wife makes me mow the lawn.
    I'm gonna raise your rates for this post.


    "Having My Whole Life Ahead of Me"
    That WAS the best time of our lives, wasn't it. We just didn't know it at the time. I remember that feeling. 30 seemed old. 20 was invincible.
    Now I see this in my kids, and I wish I could get them to understand these things. ahh well. They will have a good life if I have to beat it into them.

    As for you, maybe you just need a whole new outlook on some things. As I'm always saying, the next 10 years haven't happened yet. Maybe you're just due for a change? Writing wise, you have a whole lot of miles yet to cover. :)

    And about the meme: I knew you would put out a good one, and that it would be different then any other meme. and most of all, that it would be worthwhile reading. :)


    I know you are a 51 year old man from Winnipeg and I'm an almost 29 year old woman from Manhattan, but sometimes I feel like we share the same brain.
    (You'd get the short end of the stick in that deal.)


    I don't like tags, memes, either. These were thoughtful, well-written and depressing. I have a doc's appt. tomorrow to check out crap that I wouldn't have paid any attention to even 5 years ago. But now it's frightening, just a little. Wow, with parents like those, you'd damn well better have made something of yourself. Is there a "rest of the story?" Did they worship Satan in the basement on Tuesday nights or something? They sound perfect.
    I keep trying to think that there are lots of really good surprises left. And that does keep being true, at least in small ways.


    I'm sometimes hesitant, in this world where so many people resent their parents or had less-than-perfect childhoods, to wax on about how idyllic mine was. But in fact, my parents, while flawed each in their own way, were pretty damn good at what they considered important - which was to raise their family. All six kids remain deeply devoted to them and to one another, and that says something.

    People sometimes ask me where my sense of humour comes from, and I credit my parents. In our family, the lesson you learned early on was not to take yourself or anyone else very seriously. When my girls were growing up, I sometimes worried that they might not have a sense of humour - which, I would say, is about as tragic a disability as a person can have. Luckily, they are both hilarious, and best of all able to laugh at themselves.

    So, no, there's no "rest of the story". They were perfect, loving, caring parents who encouraged the best from their kids. They picked us up when we fell, dusted us off, gave us a hug, smacked our asses and sent us back into the game, knowing they'd be cheering on the sidelines. I'm one of the lucky ones in this world, I know it, and I do my best to pass the luck along to my kids.


    Hey, Torrie ... I'll share a brain with you any day. Bonus ... for both of us, it's low mileage ...

    Spurious Plum

    I still drink a lot...does that mean I'm still a kid at heart? Or at least, in my liver?


    Ah, faux raisin ... you'll always be a kid to me. Does that make me Michael Jackson ...?


    Then good for you, and them. It's good to know such people are still out there somewhere. My work makes me jaded, perhaps.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Aw, Nilbo, great post, but now you've got me all reflective and feelin' more than a twinge of regret for things I really wish I'd done and things I really wish I hadn't done.

    Seger's always a good one when I'm in this kinda mood. We commiserate, Bob and I.

    I might actually tackle this meme, if I don't find myself too stunningly depressed during the writing of same.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Whoa, did I scare everybody away with my pensiveness?
    I can go back to absurdity, we swears on the Precious!


    That was very beautiful and insightful. Parents are the first one to teach trust, love, discipline...Im very glad you have good ones. Just because they are the first, dosent mean you cant learn it later in life. You work with what you have, figure it out, and keep moving forward.

    some girl

    To me, memes are like those chain letters I use to get and they would fill me with fear and worry that my entire family would be hit by a bus. They make me anxious. That said, I almost cried at work when I read your first answer.

    Spurious Plum

    P.S. Never trust your body. It LIES.




    That might have depressed you, but I found it very uplifting. Your parents sound totally awesome.

    I should stop blogging and go bake something.


    Just how many rounds of golf do you have to play before you get over this depression and get around to updating? ;)


    Four rounds in two days ... I'm exhausted. I'm keenly aware that there is a ceiling on sympathy for this particular brand of whining, so I'll say no more and update on Tuesday. Now stop nagging.


    Um, it's Tuesday in the evening.


    (sigh) Still workin' on it ...


    what the L are you writing about anyway? I put out a post a day, and i'm not even a professional writer. 'course, I am female, it comes easily for us.
    can't you write about your dinner or some other obsecure, non-event in the meantime? or say.. uh.. golf. There ya go. Put out a paragraph about golf and you're good to go. I dare you to do it in one day.

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