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    June 02, 2005



    no wonder we can't hold a straight conversation for long.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    So, Mr. ADD, can we ask questions then? Can we throw 100 questions at you?

    Ooooh, there'd be a fun new game - not only tag somebody, but tag 'em with your own unique set of questions. Or has this already been done?

    What I wanna know, Nilbo, is this: Are those magnificent breasts real?

    (oh, sorry, wrong blog...)


    It's probably not wise to validate Nils' self-diagnosis. Correct or not, I fear he'll be using it to justify all kinds of misbehaviour. Everybody, just back away...

    What was the question?


    Ohhhh, shiny. I have A.D.D., so does my oldest son. Ironically, I was diagnoised after my son. Strattara makes all the difference in the world to both of us. Thats only 2 have 98 to go. Come on Nilbo....


    Laura: No, we can't hold a straight conversation for any length of time because you always laugh too loud and wake your husband up.

    Bucky: I used to have a fairly impressive set of man-boobs, but they disappeared with the weight I lost. I have no intention of growing them back.

    Davey: As you of all people know, my capacity for justifying misbehaviour is endless. So if it ain't this, it's something else. Validate away.

    Lawbrat: I was shocked when a therapist friend suggested I probably had ADD - I always assumed it was the whole thing with the kid rocketing off the walls in the schoolroom. Now I know much more about it, and it doesn't scare me as much. But maybe that's just because I'm not paying attention ...


    Sometimes I think I may have ADD, but then I think...Look! Something shiny!


    Don't know about validation, but based on my advanced knowledge of human behaviour (I took PSYCH 101), I'd say you have advanced delusionary schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic rage.

    (Thank you Farrelly brothers.)


    Heeheeheee. That's good, right ...?


    whoa, Davey nails it.



    The medicine that helped youngest son the best was off the shelf Ephedra, taken per instructions on the box.
    A few months ago it got outlawed in Illinois, cannot even be ordered from elsewhere and delivered here.
    Doggone legislators can't leave medical needs for the doctors and patients to figure out on their own.
    He's trying Adderall, but doesn't think it does the job as well.


    Pffft .. Davey nails it my arse.

    This started out as a joke, but in fact I do have (as Davey points out, self-diagnosed) ADD. My research on it seems to indicate that many of us have ADD to a greater or lesser degree. The choices are to medicate (if it is severe enough to impact our lives negatively); to research and implement coping mechanisms; or to embrace it as a not wholly evil or debilitating syndrome, but rather a "different" way to absorb and react to external stimuli.. I've chosen the latter two, and base much of my decision on Thom Hartmann's work on new perspectives in ADD.

    So there .. all the funny has been sucked out of it. Thank you so much, Davey.


    Hey! This has nothing to do wit this post, but I'm from Nova Scotia. I live in Australia now, but still. I hardly ever see people from the East Coast on here so thought I'd say hello.


    I still think it is funny. Always did. I like to post "smart-ass comments, it's what I do." Sorry if you can't find the humour in this.

    BTW, the "narcissistic rage" diagnosis is based on my observations of you playing golf.


    Heeheehee. That's not narcissistic rage. I'm just happy to be there.

    Incidently, for casual readers, this is a notoriously bad medium for discerning such things as "tone". Davey is one of my best friends on this planet, directed my first show, is a long-time golfing buddy, babysits my car when I go away, drinks more of my Scotch than I ever will, and takes the piss out of me whenever he can. Nothing I say about or to him should be heard without a smile. And vice versa.


    I, too, am distracted by shiny things. That is all.

    AndreaBT mean shiny things don't EXIST to distract me??? What the.....ooooh, look! ;)


    This is great! We're all distracted. I didnt go on medication for it until law school. I was having so much trouble reading and staying focused on getting through an assignment. My grades were suffering. It has made alot of difference. My doc says I can probably go off after graduating, because life wont be so intense with so many different things. He told me there are many people with ADD that go on meds for 'times' in their lives that there is alot of conflicting mental stimulation and it really helps get them though.


    i'm biting my tongue Nils. I'd love to ask Davey more about your golf game...

    and where are 3,4 and 5?

    Someone asked me to do the "100 things" meme, so I said all right. Listed procrastination as #1 and stopped there. I plan to get around to it someday....


    Still patiently waiting for the remaining 98. (tapping foot)


    I'm on it. Keep your shirt on. No, wait, what am I saying ...?


    Hysterical. So glad you're back. We missed you.
    By "we" I mean me and my boobs.


    I read your comment re: love over at Susie's, and I've been thinking about it all day. I like that about you, that you get me thinking.


    you're also a procrastinator!!

    Let's have some more trip stories.


    I'm glad you're home too!

    suburban misfit

    I've been pondering your theory about love, and I must say I like it very much. I'm still trying it on, though, so I'm not sure I'm with you all the way.

    My son was diagnosed with ADD last summer, after extensive testing at our Children's Hospital Developmental Disabilities department. He also has Sensory Integration Dysfunction. We used to be incredibly anti-medication, until we saw that it didn't seem like he was going to make it through school without them. We worked really hard during this school year to help him focus without meds (and this was with 100% support from the school no matter what decision we ended up making); we've recently started him on Ritalin. I can't tell you how weepy-grateful I am for this medication. It doesn't change who he is or how he acts. He's just *more*. He's more alert, he's more focused, he's more involved, he's more interested, etc. He used to stutter; no longer. He used to start his sentences over and over and over until the whole thought finally made it's way out of his head; no longer. He can sit and listen to (and participate in) a conversation now. Our hope is that once he learns how to distinguish frivolous distractions from real distractions, we'll be able to take him off the meds.

    Sorry, I'll stop my hijack now!


    No hijack at all ... feel free. I'm sympathetic to your son's problems, and don't question for a moment your decision to use meds to control the worst aspects of his disorder. Some kids need them, some don't ... and if meds can make it easier - or even possible - for him to learn, that's very cool.

    Again, I'd Google "Tom Hartmann" and check out some of his writings about ADD. It's changed how I look at this disorder. Starting with the word "disorder".

    suburban misfit

    I have to agree with you on taking out the "disorder" part. In time, his wiring will be a huge asset. Until then, I need to do everything I can to help him be successful without feeling frustrated. I've read Tom Hartmann and I really like his stuff. I'd also recommend Dr. Edward Hallowell (maybe only one "l" there, not sure). His research and writing really opened my eyes.

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