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    May 05, 2005



    They are viruses. Check the "latest threats" listing at and you'll find a number of them use those or similar subject lines.


    My husband, the computer technician, uses up almost half his working hours getting rid of viruses from the computers of college professors. He gets so po'd at the hackers who write them in the first place, but they do assure him of a job. Don't open any of those things, ever.


    sober worm.P - thats the big one going around now...Nilbo, I participated in Self Portrait Day AND made it a contest...hint, hint.


    Nils, on Tuesday of this week, I had a bunch of them show up all at once. they almost all had the same "registration confirmation" in the subject line but had different addresses. they all had attachments as well. they were sent to the junk mail folders and thus were never opened.

    suburban misfit

    I've been getting all of those lately, too, and sometimes the urge to open them is OVERWHELMING!!

    And how about the "Christian Singles" ones? Anyone else get those? I'm not so concerned about the Christian part, but I'm blissfully married!


    Yep, I just got back from lunch with DOF and he says to not give any spam mail a second thought. He even says it is better to miss a Real message once in awhile than to take a chance and open junk on your box. The hours wasted due to computer viruses keeps technicians in jobs Everywhere.

    Von Krankipantzen

    My mom, who is 71 and reasonably computer literate, often gets confused and calls it SCRAM. She is so wise in her confusion.


    Are You Packed Yet????



    Ohh mannnnnnn .... I'm sooo not packed ...

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