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    May 01, 2005



    I agree with Erin. It's insane (in a good way). Very fun, as well.


    You're SO gonna get audited now! :) Whoa, what if you do, though...That's gonna be a pain in the ass!


    Ehh. One of the unexpected by-products of being scrupulously honest is that I don't really fear an audit. Brang it on. I always hold back some deductible expenses when I'm reporting, just to give me wiggle room. But yeah - I've had it done before, and it is a pain. They do their best to be nice ... but it's never fun.

    the niffer

    Wow! Your girls rock! I wish they had been with you on your trip to London.


    um, gosh, aw shucks. I'm blushing. Thanks SO MUCH for the props. Any requests? I will be playing all of Ariade auf Naxos tomorrow on my actual show.
    Since you're a writer, and have radio experience, want to help me write a promo for my show that does NOT refer to it as WTFOpera? (although thats funny as hell, and I am so going to slip on-air tomorrow! Thank goodness for the profanity button.


    A profanity button? What happens ... you punch it and a resounding "Dammit!" echoes out?

    I'll write a promo with you anytime, darlin. It's one of those things I seem to have a peculiar talent for.

    As for requests: what about something by Amici Forever? So accessible, so pleasant. Sort of "Opera for Beginners" ...


    How funny that you would ask for that! I JUST rec'd a promo copy of them last week! I have to check and see if they chart in Classical Crossover on Billboard - if so, I can't play them, it breaks our station charter if we play any artists that chart, and then we get smacked by the FCC or some such thing.

    If I can't play it, I'll send you the copy, k?

    The profanity button (and it really does say that, we also have one labelled cough and they were labelled that by the manufacturer) is really for a guest that gets out of line, or if say, I play something by John Adams since his stuff does occasionally get profane. It then sets a 7-second delay between the board and the transmitter. But I say dammit enough between my on-air rants.
    anyway...I could really use a clever and well-written promo, so if you listen tomorrow and get any ideas, that would be great!


    For some reason, most of the "cough" buttons I've come across were labelled "Koff". I have no idea why. We never had to deal with a profanity issue per se - although generally, any phone-in edition of a show got put on the seven second delay. That gave the show tech the time to turn profane or libellous comments from listeners into harmless, non-litigatable dead air.

    For all the fact that I'm a bit of a potty-mouth, I had a spotless record of never swearing on air. One of my favourite moments, though, happened when I was interviewing a lovely Acadian woman about a weekend community festival. One of the events was Cow-Patty Bingo.

    I asked how it was played.

    She said "Well, de fiel' is mark off wit' square, an' we let de cow loose. De cow walk aroun' ... and wherever she sheet, that's the winning square."

    A look of horror came over her face. "Can I say dat on your microphone dere?" she asked.

    "Sure," I said. "It's public radio. As long as it's not a brand name ..."

    suburban misfit

    Oh, Nils, that Cow-Patty Bingo story was GREAT!

    And your daughters do, in fact, rock.

    Spurious Plum

    Nilbo it's your job, your duty, to brag about your children. It's an unalienable parental right.

    And you do it well, Proud Papa.

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