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    May 06, 2005



    rock! have a great time! I was just there in Feb. Tell england, in all it's spring greeness, that i miss it!



    Remember - no flash for pictures of beery pubs. Glass and fluid reflect too much.

    Spurious Plum

    Have fun Nilbo. Drink a pint for us!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Have a jolly good time, Nilbo, but remember what I said about not makin' your daughters bail you out.


    Nilbo, I just realized that you aren't linked on my site.
    What was I thinking?
    I will fix that in the near future.
    Have a great trip.


    Happy trails.


    I guess I missed you. When I didn't see you commenting I figured you must be on the road. Well, have a great time and sink a pint for me, too.

    the niffer

    Have fun on your tour! I'm sure 'the other London' has nothing on good ol' London, Ontario.

    suburban misfit

    Hope the trip is going well and you're drinking loads of pints and chowing down baskets full of fish and chips!


    Hey kids ...

    Progress report ... tour is going really well, but a dearth of places to get on the net .. hopefull I can find some hot spots in London this weekend ... but I'm sinking as many pints for everybody as I can ... without having to get bailed out ...


    woo hoo! At least you didn't drool on the page, well, not that we can see, anyway. Wishing you were back - there is some heated "death of classical music" nonsense starting up in the papers, wish you were here to give your erudite opin. I'm trying to start a discussion about it on WOD, we will see where it goes.


    dear lord i miss you. blog something. please...the withdrawls are killing me.


    Hi Sweetie, how are things in "Jolly Ole" England? Are you going to make it to Darby?
    xoxoxoxo lilg


    Actually ... more than made it to Darby ... this week I'm actually staying there .. we have a lovely cottage in Ashby-de-la-Zouch ... a quaint village about halfway between Birmingham and Nottingham ... today, due to a peasant's revolt, there will be not endless traipsing from castle to caste ... and I could find an internet cafe to try to get back in touch ...


    Miss you all! Look forward to the tales of adventure and pints (no bailing) upon your return. Stay as long as you can - weather here sucks!


    Welcome Home :)


    Sound fantastic. can't wait for you to get back so I can read some fresh entried, have already blogrolled your site.



    stories and pictures will heal me.

    Got any laying around?


    I miss you!

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