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    May 29, 2005


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Welcome home, thou rambling Nilbo and Company! Now I'm glad I put on the good blue dress...


    Welcome home! And yes, blog it all! :)

    suburban misfit

    Welcome home! Blogging would be most welcomed, as would the photo contest! Be careful when you wade through your lawn!


    Welcome back.


    Welcome back and the weather today is just as it has been every day since your departure! :-)


    Stories about the caddies first, please.


    priorities, priorities....


    welcome home! Cannot wat to hear all the details of your trip to my birthplace.


    Welcome home!



    Don't leave us like that EVER again!


    If you do a contest, make sure you learn from Bucky's mistakes. Do NOT misrepresent the valuable prize. The consequences can be quite severe.


    Welcome home, Nilbo. Hope you're getting plenty of rest.


    Welcome home--have fun getting rid of the algae bath! I look forward to many Self Portraits!!


    Welcome home! I cant wait to hear all the stories. Your going to have fun doing some yard work and house cleaning. If I were closer, I'd come help you out. Take a day or two to relax. It can wait, but your body needs to readjust. :-)


    When you're rested please tell us the stories. Glad you're back.

    David Zinger

    Hi Nils:
    Welcome back, I didn't know you were gone. Thank you for the recommendation in a previous post on Booty Flies. I created a link and acknowledged you as the source. We miss you in Winnipeg and my wife a physiotherapist (Susan Gerlach) says hello to you and your wife. I look forward to reading your future posts.


    Way to tell us you've come home...just put a comment on Kristine's blog so that we all traipse over here. She really is a fine hostess with the mostest.
    Take your time with the reminiscing about your travels, perhaps while scrubbing out the hot tub and mowing the lawn.
    We believe it will be worth the wait.

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