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    April 26, 2005


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Thanks for the heads-up on this one. Susie cracks my shit up!


    Nilbo. Nils. I had a clever comment ready for here, but I just became aware of something that pushed it right out of my head. And frankly, it's pretty miraculous that I became aware of it. As you might expect, I've gotten a lot of traffic today. I even got an international film/TV star. How the heck did she get here? So I go look at my "stats" which I barely even know how to read, and among the hundreds of hits (I usually get about 145 in 24 hours), I go RIGHT to one of them, just "randomly" picked one, which led me to the star's comments page, where I saw you sending her to me. I am talking to your mushy insides now. THAT was such a treat for me. THANK YOU so much for that. You are a good blogfriend. That was such a nice thing to do, I think you have atoned for a multitude of sins, real, imagined and yet to be committed. That's what I think. (Of course, Kristine's mother is the Pope, and she would know for sure, but that IS what I think.)


    (grin) When I say something, I do it. And that's all I'm sayin' about that.


    I loved the booty flies story. Susie always tells a good story.


    I actually didn't find her through you, but I found you through her - and the post about your daughters already made it worthwhile.

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