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    April 30, 2005



    We checked out the Honda advertisment and it is awesome. Himself, who hardly ever bothers with the computer unless to send the odd email, has been totally smitten with it.


    That's a pretty amazing ad! I wonder if it's brand new or if it has been around for a year or so, though, since I am sure I have seen it before...perhaps it was shown on one of those "World's Best Commercial" TV shows...

    My personal favourite car ad, a New Zealand ad for Toyota Hilux pick-ups, is a little more low-tech and low-brow...see for the ad.

    Laura twice

    only 600 takes? awesome. $6million for screws and nuts and bolts? Had to have been built by the Army. I love it tho, how ingenious!
    OSHA would have a fit tho, so many code violations.... (sigh)

    (occupational safety and health administration, it's a classic american bureaucracy of sorts).


    That is great! The precision to make it is unbeliveable. 6 million? GEESH!


    Yeah, not sure that the money was spent on actual parts ... I'm thinking more the cost to have a full camera and lighting crew there while things went click ... rollrollroll ... whirrr ... then missed by like 1/8 of an inch. "TAKE 453, dammit!" I can only imagine the cheer that went up when it all came together. Everybody's breath held ... then released n a huge roar.


    Yeah, pretty cool. The thing that surprised me the most was the 6 mil price tag. I think most of that went to the cameo appearance in the ad by George Clooney. Unfortunately, the camera man had the framing a little off, so he never actually appeared in the commercial.


    $6 million for an ad? It's a great ad but still...thats a lot of money............


    I dunno. The ad SCREAMS "precision" ... which is one of Honda's main marketing position - part of their branding strategy. In that sense, it's brilliant, a piece of art in itself. And it's not like they don't get the 6 million back when people like us meander into the showroom ...


    This is very cool. I had to call my boyfriend and both my teenagers in to look at that and they were very impressed as well. Though really, they probably could of spent 5 million and sent that left over million to me....

    123 I Love You

    Now I have 6 million new reasons to feel ashamed of my car-lessness.

    Ashamed yet smitten. Smitten yet ashamed.


    That was mesmerizing. I watched it twice.


    I don't know ... I thought it was kind of lame. Ok, it was cool to get everything flowing in the domino effect ... must have taken some hard work, etc. ... 600 takes, yeah. But seriously, who's going to care? When they show the commercial, are they going to preface it with "this commercial was done without the help of computer graphics, was finally completed after 600 takes and cost 6 Million dollars" ??? Because if they don't do that, I promise that not too many people will care. They'll look at it and figure "oh, thats cool ... must have done it with computers and stuff". The bottom line is that some ad agency just got paid a ridiculous amount because they pitched a ridiculous idea and spun it as "visionary" and "genius", and now they're going to get awards for the commercial and prestige in the ad world, and even more high paying gigs ... but nobody is going to say "man, that was so sweet ... it took them 600 takes?? 6 million dollars? That settles it ... I'm getting a Honda".

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