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    April 30, 2005



    TAKE ME WITH YOU! i'm serious...I'll carry your bags and tell you that you look fabulous!!

    Have fun my friend and take pictures.


    All the best on your tour. I hope you have no Des O'Connor moments. I've been trying to tell my husband what you do, and it occurs to me that I'm making it up. I have no idea what you do. I mean, I have an idea of what I think it might be, but.... is there audio or video on the net somewhere?


    Could you make your font smaller, please. I am at risk of being able to read the above as it stands.


    There you go, Alan ... sarcasm is not lost on me. Make sure you squint and call for your bifocals ...


    Susie ... if you're keen to know, go to ... it'll tell you all about me, there's a "Downloads" section with audio and video clips ... should give you more than your fill ...


    And Kristine ... if you can fit into carry-on, I'll take you. You can be the official tour photographer. First shot will be of my wife, killing me for bringing a gorgeous blonde on the trip ...

    ... failing that, I'll have to take lots of pictures myself ...


    Thanks, baby.


    If you have a minute When you are cruising around Leicestershire, try to find and drive through the most perfect English village called Woodhouse Eaves. Our friend lives there and I just spoke with her and oddly enough she will be in Canada while you are performing there. Margaret thought it was a pity to miss you as she said " I am most partial to Canadian folklore even though
    I find the accent most irritating." Spoken like a true Brit! I guess she will be irritated real bad for the month she spends in Toronto.


    Hee hee, Nilbo said underpants.

    Have a fabulous trip!


    I looked and listened! I was actually in the ballpark, my educated guessing of what you do. I especially liked "13-year-old girls." My 9-year-old came down just last night in a cloud of something-or-other, prompting her dad's "What IS that?"
    Do you know the National Storytelling Festival? You would fit right in as a performer, and I'll bet you would love it as a listener. Every Oct. in Jonesboro, TN. 'Tellers from ALL over the world.


    Yeah, Susie ... met a lot of those people when I founded an International Storyteller's Festival on Prince Edward Island. I've never been to the Jonesboro festival - I've heard it's amazing.

    I've performed at storytelling festivals, and didn't feel out of place. But my shows are 2-hour, full-length plays, and artistically, it feels like the audience gets cheated if I carve them up into festival pieces. It's a personal choice, I guess. And since touring is much more lucrative than festival work, my manager tends to steer me in that direction.


    If you don't bring home pictures from this tour, I'm going to spend the rest of my life bashing Canada, every chance I get.
    Must. see. pictures! England is one of my dream trips and touring English gardens would be something else.
    I especially liked the part about the audience heading across the street to join together with the cast for bangers and mash. Is that common only in the smaller towns, or is it standard practice across England? I wish we Americans would adopt that practice! We need to hang up our cell phones, stop being so busy and join one another in toast!
    In any event, we'll be living this trip vicariously through you, have a blast;)
    oh, and uh... enjoy the rental car rides... all of you. (g).


    Hehehe yeah, we settled on a seven passenger van ... should have enough room. And of course, Erin's boyfriend (who is coming along, for those who didn't know), will have to be in the front because of his long legs. That should keep the pesky road noise out of my ear ...


    Oh, sorry .. yeah, we found the socializing after a show was a common thing in smaller places ... where everybody is a neighbour. I haven't done shows in larger cities, but I don't think it's quite the same ...


    you're right. the ambience would be lost in the big cities. and when you get to drinking, you can start spelling "neighbor" correctly.....


    Pfft. Heathen.


    btw, if you'll allow me to go off topic. I just stopped over at Jodi's blog again this evening. I was just taken in by the fist paragraph of her post, "Of Matzo and Mitzvahs, part 2" and I loved the whole story. fresh baked and original!
    And why did I spend the rest of the time cruising through her Dogabout gallery? lots of fun ;)
    great referral, that one. ;)


    Nilbo, before *I* go off and do what Susie did, can I venture a guess? Are you something like the Garrison Keillor of Canada?


    Hey Andrea ... I'd never be so bold as to compare myself to Garrison Keillor. He's the master. But ... we fish in the same pond, yes.


    Look up and down my list of Cool Blogs, Laura ... every link takes you to an extraordinary writer ...

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Will you be posting from the road, or will you be takin' a break from the computer? Either way, let's hope it all turns out better than the Griswold affair. Have fun, but not so much that your daughters have to come bail you out.

    suburban misfit


    While I'm so very happy for you that you're going and that your lovely daughters are going with you...I'm so very, very, very jealous that *I* can't go.

    Have a wonderful trip!

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