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    April 17, 2005



    I was amazed how much I haven't changed since high school. Did you get the urge to beat your chest when you saw your picture? lol
    and Welcome home :)


    OMG! That was our math club! We look so smart, so smug...


    My freshman year of high school was a traumatic time for me. My family moved in the middle of the year, from the school with the classmates I'd been with since first grade to a whole other region of the country. I never did get my school picture from that final partial year with my dear friends. Imagine my delight at this wonderful opportunity presented right here on your website, to FINALLY get that picture. Not only did I get my own picture, but I found pictures of dear friends whose faces I had all but forgotten.

    And I'd like to say to you, Nilbo, what I said when I saw those precious photographs. "Aw, Nilbo, YOU SUCK!" And I laughed, as I am now.


    Ahem... As my buddy Nils Ling would say, dontcha hate people who name drop?

    Welcome back!


    Just found you via the Jessica in Progress site b/c your wonderful comment there.

    Then I totally fell for your HS link.

    Enjoy that trip to England!


    Aw, Nilbo, what you said about just wanting one last big adventure with your girls was so touching. I hope you all have a great trip! And take it from this 24 year-old - they'll always be your little girls.

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