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    March 18, 2005



    Your little skunk must think it's queer
    to stop without a farmhouse near
    She would ask if there was some mistake
    (her memory is long, I fear.)

    she has miles to go before you sleep
    back unto your house, she seeks.
    and you will smell her when she comes
    Rox will find her "malo'drous funk"...
    most fun...

    (I liked your version better... Bravo!!) :)


    I memorized that poem back in Grade 4 (the original version albeit, not the one about the skunk--very well done, I must add) and I can often be found mumbling the poem after seeing a lovely fall of snow anywhere, or when thinking of horses.....
    I liked your picture too, of the little skunk scurrying off into the woods--I hope you weren't sprayed in the process!! That would be pretty awful!!


    Nope, Effie. The skunk trap doesn't allow them to lift their tails. No lifted tail, no spraying ... pretty low-tech, but it works a treat!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Dear Poet Laureate:
    Aww, you're such a good guy to let Madame LePew go safely on her smelly way! We've always had skunks in our yard, and coexisted very peacefully, until we got bad dog Snickers. He had unfortunate encounters with the LePew family four times in a year. Notice I didn't say "smart dog Snickers." Before that, I had several within-three-feet encounters with skunks in my yard, and the matter was always solved with both of us agreeing to back slowly away and scamper in different directions. I think skunks are kinda purty, too. Always wanted a de-glanded one for a pet.
    Okay, I'll stop rambling. I really miss Dooce's comment board when it's fun and crap free!

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