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    March 28, 2005



    what, no Ottawa stop? Boo-urns.

    the niffer

    A trip to London! I will definitely be there! Do you recommend the evening or matinee? Where are you performing?


    Either show will be fun ... it's more about your own schedule, Thursday night against Saturday afternoon. For info on tickets, etc, see ... and of course you'll collar me after the show, huh?

    the niffer

    For sure! I'll be at the Thursday night show. Can't wait!


    Hi Nilbo, I was just reading your comment on Bucky's blog about the cross-pollination that happens when you read one blog and link to another. I have found some really fun blogs that way. Bucky's the one who got me started reading blogs. Then she encouraged me to start my own. I gave her enough advise over the years so now she can pay me back a little. You know, she's the geek so she can help me set up pictures and stuff.

    Anyway, I'd never have read your blog or seen your website if it weren't for her. Too bad you're not playing around here someplace. Here to me is Grand Rapids, MI. It's about 1 1/2 hours west of Flint where Bucky lives. She and I would like to see you if you are anywhere around.

    I take no blame/responsibility/credit for rolling pins, though. There you're on your own. :-)


    No such luck ... but it's nice to hear from you, and I'll wave on my way past! And who knows ... some day I may be coming soon to a theatre near you ....

    Spurious Plum

    Didn't get the chance to thank you before Lady Dooce turned off her comments, but thanks for the kind words about my blog!

    I've always liked lurking on your blog and leering at your bookcover-esque pic, too.

    You know how to rock the beard!

    Happy Ontario trip!


    Welcome home, where's the posts?? your blog is in danger of becoming old. You must get out of your rut and put forth a witty post.
    are we behind in our correspondence lately? ;)


    Thanks Nilbo you are very kind.
    How was Canada by the way?


    Canada was - and is - my home, Bethy-Mae ... and as always it was - and is - wonderful.

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