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    February 25, 2005



    What a "smashing" car, Nils. I like the design, but it looks to me like the middle seat in the back is going to be awfully uncomfortable for long rides. And the two side seats don't look that big either.
    Would there be any advantage to renting 2 smaller cars? That way, the group could divide up for sightseeing and so on. And if they go off to dinner while you're doing a show, you won't have to worry about them forgetting to pick you up when your show is over, because you'll have your own car. :))
    (just kidding).
    good luck!


    I'll field that one Daddy.
    Here's the thing about two rental cars- it was discussed, but was vetoed as soon as it was put on the table. See, neither my sister, her boyfriend, nor I are 25 yet, meaning we can't so much rent the cars. And the thing about Mom is...we love her. So much. But none of us would particularly enjoy being trapped in an apparently tiny car with her for any amount of time(imagine three voices chorusing "Call not riding with Mom!")
    So we could rent another small vehicle, but we decided that really, what's the sense if only one person is riding in it?!! :)


    As Allison's father, allow me - for the record - to officially express stern disapproval of her comments above.


    This is off the topic, but I just wanted to send some good ol' Happy Birthday wishes to an old, old friend :)


    That's one too many "old"s to be an accident. My stern disapproval now shifts to YOU.


    oh brother. ageism aside, surely you knew I meant "old friend" as in long time friend, eh? methinks someone is getting just a tad ornery in his, ..uh.... on his birthday.
    oh just go eat your cake and enjoy it, would you.


    Not unless I can have my cake AND eat it too. I'm greedy that way. I knew EXACTLY what you meant by "old, old friend". And I'm not getting ornery. And why are you calling me Shirley?


    Hi there - keep in mind the vehicles are small to safely negotiate very very narrow windy bendy busy streets, and tiny tiny parking spaces. Driving is hard enough in the UK without needing to reverse out of a street you're too big to fit down, or having to park at the Safeway's and walk 2 1/2 miles. Driving in the UK is not meant to be fun or comfortable - it's a Fear Factor challenge!


    What a wonderful trip you will have! Wish I was going. We were there twice and trust need a small car not only for the narrow roads and streets, but also to keep you heart from exploding everytime you fill up with their pricy petrol!
    Costs aside, I predict it will be the best holiday you ever have. Sure, the family will hate each other most of the time and you will discover that you can't pass an ATM without stopping, but none of that will overshadow the joy of discovering England.
    p.s. Take your own tea. I paid the equivalent to $5.00 Canadian for a cup of tea...with no refill. And....the bedrooms are the price of a postage stamp!


    Sorry...that should read "rooms are the "size" of a postage stamp.


    I learned a lot on my last tour in England, and I agree with Hannah, part of the size thing with the cars is practical. That said, I have five adults to fit into one car, plus luggage and some lighting stuff, so it's going to be tight. I'm trying to find the proper balance between room inside the vehicle and not having the mirrors scrape the buildings on either side of the road!

    I'm resigned to the fact that petrol is pricey - an unavoidable part of touring. My experience in Britain is that most consumer purchases are pound-for-dollar ... in other words, what costs $40 here will cost 40 pounds there (which is $100 here - does that make sense?)

    But yeah, Jean ... the three weeks in the UK ... plus a side trip to Paris at the end - looks like a fun time. And since we get along better than most families, I don't expect anybody to get too sick of anybody.


    I am so envious of you. When you are in Paris, be sure to check out the Greek Quarter for an evening meal for a real experience. Just remembering walking down the street with all the restaurants on either side, the Greek music blaring through the open front eateries, and the men standing in the doorways breaking plates to welcome you in. And...if you hold out they will throw in a cocktail free to entice you in. It was the best food (sorry Locke) that we had in our entire stay in France and the portions were worthy of what you would get at any restaurant in the USA. Frig, I want to go again.


    Actually it was just Dave and I on one trip and our daughter and I on the second and we got along great. However, there was a family of parents and 3 teens from California and at the end of the trip the parents weren't divorcing each other, they announced they were divorcing their kids. It was pretty rough by times and all we heard was that the teens "needed their space". To just be able to go again, I would risk five to a car. Everyone will just have to pack a bit lighter.

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