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    February 17, 2005


    Cranky Chick

    I always knew you were stalking me. I didn't know you were doing it from Podunk though!


    Missed you too, Nils! Are you a 34 yet? I am Still making plans for that party...


    Re: number 5... not sure if your difficulty in "getting to" your favourite blogs is a result of limited internet access or not having access to your bookmarks. I assume you know about Bloglines, the internet site where you can have handy-dandy access to all your favourite feeds no matter where you are.
    Then again, you could just visit your own site and click on your own sidebar links, I suppose. So, I'm beginning to think that the trouble getting to the blogs is more a result of limited internet access.
    If that's the case...never mind.

    Craig Willson

    lovely young woman say, in reverential tones, "You actually KNOW the guys from silver/orange?

    Whew, I thought you were going to say you know me. All those lovely young women can get to be awkward.


    Yeah, Rob ... for whatever reason, my laptop has a finicky thing about some high speed internet set-ups. And since I gave up my travelling dialup ISP, it leaves me high and dry. Pain in the arse, really ... to see the little card that says "Free High Speed Internet" and get all fired up ... then get the requisite equipment from the front desk, put in the card, and spend the next hour talking to some poor Tech Support person in some god-forsaken place like, oh, Kansas ... and having her finally say "Well, I'm out of ideas".

    Jean, I'm still stuck at a 36 waist, but the good news is, I didn't gain an ounce on a three week tour. So, who knows? My daughter is going in for jaw surgery March 1st and will move home to be nursed back to health by her daddy ... so maybe I'll go for a push to get down to a 34. All I have to do is drink some of the soups I'll be making her.

    And Tess, darlin' ... I haven't been stalking you. You're a gay Republican. Some things are too much of a challenge, even for me. I mean, I could never swing you over to being a Democrat ...


    I didn't mention I actually know Humblebub. I said that to Jodi once and it blew her mind. I mean, gimmee a break. I want some attention, too.


    Well it's about time you posted. I was beginning to wonder if you were lost on the roads out in Saskatchewan somewhere. ;)


    Anytime you can be on the road for three weeks and maintain your weight speaks volumes about your self control. Good for you. We just may have a "holding your own" party anyway.


    Any excuse for a party, says I ...

    Steven Garrity

    Nils, you have our permission to laugh the next time we (silverorange) are revered. We're all about debunking our online super-personas. Meeting people in person usually does this pretty quickly.


    Know what, Steven? My urge to laugh wasn't reflective of any lack of respect for your collective accomplishments ... it was more the urge to laugh when someone you know, as a real, decent, hard-working, but ultimately flesh-and-blood, pull-on-his-pants-one-leg-at-a-time (I'm assuming here) person (or in this case, group of people) is talked about in tones I reserve for rock stars. I'm sure some friends of rock stars get the same urge.

    I find myself bragging on the accomplishments of my friends - and yes, you guys among them. But ... it still makes me want to giggle. I mean, really ...


    I can relate to the bed thing. My hubby works nights, and after 3 nights sleeping diagonally with 4 pillows at my disposal,I find it difficult to get comfortable with half my body hanging off the edge.

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