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    November 29, 2004



    They had a huge album around 1980 just called "The Roches" which was a high school party favorite with my nerdy set. Still is.


    I nominate EmmyLou Harris' "A Light in the Stable" album for second best... so good that every family apparently needs two copies!


    My bad... "Light of the Stable"


    My darlin daughter refers to an incident in which I came home delighted that I had finally found Light of the Stable in CD format after several years of looking for it. Evidently, I'd forgotten the delight I had experienced the year before, when I had also found it on CD. I maintain that I was happy to have scored an emergency back-up copy, in case our first gets as worn out as the record album did.

    And anyway - she's right, it's a great Christmas album.

    Lisa Howard

    Thanks for the tip. I know the Roches from some of their other albums. I'll be checking out their Christmas album too if I can (I live far away so it might be harder than you think). Believe it or not, the Von Trapp family singers have an old album of Christmas music called the Sound of Christmas that you can get on Amazon for four dollars which is the saddest, most beautiful (to my mind) Christmas music ever. I put the web page up as my url. I know, I know, "The Sound of Music" starring Julie Andrews springs immediately to mind, but the real Von Trapps were something completely different, something that the movie fails in every possible way to capture.

    John Mud

    What can I say about this! It is without doubt one of the most thoughtfully chosen Christmas albums. Each track is outstanding. Most notably Star of Wonder for its timeless appeal. Also We Three Kings never seems to lose its festive magic. The only glaring omission seems to be any music from the Bludgeon and Ball Christmas catalog. Never the less this is a must for anyone's Christmas stocking. Even Saint Nick would listen to it!

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