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    November 29, 2004


    Craig Willson

    You will just have to do the math after getting some sense of how long the thing will run. A few years ago I used one of those heaters in my basement area. The basement was insulated, unheated, but did have the furnace churning away and providing some scavenged heat. My electric bill went from about $80 a month to about $160 a month before I decided I really did not need to heat the basement.

    This was in Southern New York State, where winters are much milder and high winds very rare.


    I assume another variable would be electricity costs in that place at that time. I'm trying to keep an eye on how frequently this thing cycles now that it's up to optimum ...


    We had two of those heaters in the office in the feedmill. They were great to heat, but because of the huge electricity bill we had from all the heavy equipment, we never knew if they were cost efficient.
    The last two years my mother was in her home, she had them more for safety than cost efficiency. We worried about her stogging the old wood stove in the kitchen. They have a thermostat, but like any space heater they will not be cheap to run. But, are going to be cold for a long time when your gone, might as well bite the bullet and be warm while you're above ground.

    Craig Willson

    At the time, electrical costs were .09 per KWH. I remember that, because I was surprised that they were about the same as PEI at the time. I also went the propane fireplace route (briefly) when I was a townie. Never could get to like it and the yellow circles that developed on the ceiling make me nervous about what I was breathing. I have since learned that it just wasn't adjusted correctly.

    Cool Girl

    I have one of those "propane fireplaces" which vent to the outdoors.

    All very cozy.

    But one day I had the vaccuum cleaner sitting beside it.

    It melted the suction cord! Literally melted the suction cord.

    And I had to ask "why do I have a superflous fireplace when I have a brand new house with in floor heating and all that R-200 crap? Because it feels nice?"

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