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    November 30, 2004



    Let me now channel my love for The Roches in all their manifestations through Nils. I am flabbergasted when I realize that every household does not have you as a household name. Strawberry apricot pie, indeed.


    I would have missed the words and music if google hadn't picked up the reference from your site. THANK YOU THANK YOU. This is just about my favorite "new" Christmas song. sigh. Interesting writing you are doing!


    Thank you so much! I love this song; reading the circumstances under which it was written heightens my appreciation of it. Thank you again!


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    Daniel Taylor

    Since it is now possible to buy and download the track from Amazon, there is no reason for anyone to pass it up. (I don't work for Amazon, the Roches or their record company, I just cry every time I hear this song...)

    And while you're at it, grab their arrangement of the Halleuljah Chorus.

    C'mon, they're 99ยข each. Bang for the buck can't be beat.

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