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    November 04, 2004


    Jim Fogg

    aka Stinky Bubblepants


    I guess I am Boobie Cootiepants Junior.


    ... or just "Junior" for short.

    Actually, Allie has her own very special nickname. In her life, Allison was shortened to Allie, then Al, then Aloysius, then Aloysia Delicia, and thence to Delicia and finally to Delish, by which she is known today. She especially loves it when I call her Delish in front of her friends ...


    I've been around her for almost nine years (yeesh, you'd think I'd have shaken her by now) and I've only ever heard the first two. This is good to know... and the next time I call you can call me boobie bubblenose, it's easier to remember then one of those various names that starts with an m. aaaand if you want to see a great example of some mediochre amature writing, check out me, myself and mel. but that's just my opinion, I could be wrong...


    G'day from Loopy BubbleBrain.
    Think... Think... Think... That's all I do.


    Still waiting to hear from Dorky Cootiebiscuits and Gadget Girdlenose ... and, of course, Zippy Cootieshorts. You know who you are ...

    D. Cb.

    LOL@! no comment ;)


    Ha ha! Let me introduce myself.....I am Crusty Bubblebutt. Now if that doesn't paint an unnerving picture...thanks for the laugh!

    Robert  Paterson

    Lumpy Applebuns at your service


    And, I am Zippy Girdletush!!

    Have a great day Nils!


    Zippy Wafflesniffer. :-)


    I should give check in on my old pal Raj Abott. Or should I call him "stinky toilet sniffer"? That's gotta be the worst!


    This from Loopy Bubblebrain ...

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