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    October 20, 2004



    Taking your advice as usual, I headed over to Tomato Nation to check out Sara's blogidocio. Midway into her "mole" story, a solid grin began forming on my face, errupting into gales of laughter. ok, so it wasnt a funny topic, but the way she described it was hilarious! I bookmarked her site on the spot. Dave Barry is taking a one year break.. and I personally invite Sara to take his place. ;)
    Enjoy the rest of your trip, i'm so glad you dont have a "real" job. :)


    For some truly rivetting writing from Sars, set aside some time, get yourself a cup of coffee (or whatever), and go here in her archives:

    When I finished reading this piece, I was emotionally numb. It's the best first-person writing I've read on this pivotal event, ever. Period. I go back and read it sometimes, just to drown in the words and images and emotions.

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