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    October 20, 2004


    Craig Willson

    Except it came out as " ... and how to lo(gurgle)." I choked up.

    Treasure that moment Nils, it will be with you until the end of your days.

    Cranky Chick

    Parents have a way of getting to you, don't they? My mom is my best friend, and the one and only reason I'm the kind of decent person I am today. I often get teary-eyed thinking about all she sacrificed for me. Did I ever mention to you that I was painfully shy as a child? Neurotically, unhealthily, clinically, shy?? It's only for the patience of my mother and her undying, unconditional love, that I am here, uninstitutionalized, untethered, and free to inflict myself on the world around me. :)

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