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    September 21, 2004



    Noticed. Nice things.


    I didn't even read the post. I just scrolled down and saw the photo, and ... YOW!!! You look good enough to ... ehhh, never mind. (Hee!)


    Lovely. Pisses and moans about me not blogging, and when I do, she doesn't even read it. By the way, note that while some people feel the sun shines out their arse, evidently I am a bit more forward ...


    Is this the "real me" you are writing about, or is this the "Nils"?

    Craig this a 50's thing? Sheech, man, last time I laid eyes on you I was eating grease at MacDonald's and I saw a portly guy come in wearing brown burmuda shorts, sandals with black socks, a CBC T-shirt and a pith helmet. (That was a long time ago :0))


    I think Coca Cola came out with its low-carb "C2" just to woo you back - clearly their strategy didn't work...


    I was fooled by the "New Coke" ... and The Who had it right ... won't be fooled again ...

    And Bub, I don't know whether it's a mid-life crisis or what, and ya know, I'm not gonna worry too much about it if it is. This is cheaper than a red Porsche.

    My brother got diagnosed with adult onset (Thype 2)diabetes (which is pretty much at epidemic levels, thanks to a generation of fast-food junkies) and I looked at my lifestyle and eating habits and thought "There's me in five years." So, being too lazy to deal with diabetes, I decided to follow the line of least resistance.


    Most importantly, has it helped your golf game? Welcome back!


    Dunno that it has "helped" my golf game. But it HAS changed it. When you lose a ton of weight, the plane of your swing changes, and there's an adjustment to be made - one which I've had some trouble incorporating.

    On the plus side (after 14 holes of not carrying around the equivalent of two sets of clubs tied around my gut), I still have a spring in my step and drive in my legs, which helps. All in all, I would expect my golf game to improve - over time.


    Probably made your swing plane more upright, and steepened your angle of attack. All would change your ideal posture. VJ does a great drill to groove the feel of swinging "down the line". Uses a couple of old shafts and a water bottle. I tried it, and for one thing, it ends all "idle thought" time on the range....which is a good thing. Who can argue with VJ's results?


    FYI Nils,
    Wayne, as in my Wayne, has already lost 11 pounds on the SBD. He's just starting his second week. I think you have insprired him. Thanks. He feels better already.


    Cyn, I couldn't be more thrilled that my good experience with this diet has spurred Wayne on. No need to thank me at all - he's the one making it happen.

    The second week is tough, not because the diet changes but precisely because it doesn't. It gets utterly boring. But encourage him to continue to tough it through ("Only three days to go ... only two days ...")and to stay off the scales till the very end for the big reveal. It's such a thrill to watch the numbers on the scale roll around and settle at a weight that makes you go "No way ... that can't be right!"

    He's having success because he's committed to it and - I'm sure of this - he's got someone in his corner encouraging him on a daily basis. And for that - on behalf of all his friends - thank YOU.

    Although your real thanks comes later, when you get to boink a whole new guy without all the inconvenience of going out and having an affair ...


    So, I have to break up with my boyfriend then?


    No, darlin' ... we're still good ...

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