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    June 24, 2004



    The kicker for me is my kids are four and five and I am already bracing for the day you describe.


    Nils, this was very sweet and touching. Now, how quickly can you insert this into "The Truth about Daughters"?


    Yea! You're back! Now I wonder if I should write a story about the party my parents threw when I moved out...;-)

    Cranky Chick

    Sweetness. You are utter sweetness.


    I often hear my friends say how glad they will be when their kids leave home. I never felt that way. In fact, I spent most of their youth in total denial that this day would come. It did and we survived it...just barely.

    Robert  Paterson

    They come back as well. Hope in effect left home at 8 when she went to boarding school in England - her idea by the way. I recall going to her room that night and feeling as if she had died.

    She has has returned to live with us this year after many years traveling. I see this happening in many families. Many daughters return home with children. So Nils, you can see this as a loss, or merely an interlude.


    There is nothing sweeter than a daddy braiding a little girl's hair.


    "and once in a while, he even leaves a post on his blog". :))

    my kids are still living at home, so I need to read this particular post every once in a while to remind myself that this day is going to come. I cant wait..
    I mean, darn.... i'll miss them ;)

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