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    April 02, 2004



    Well, it takes one to know one ... or two. ThanQ, dearest Niiiils!


    Anyone else hear the sound of crickets? Or notice the tumbleweeds tumblin' across this ghost town of a blog?

    I ask this knowing full well that I kept an AOL account open (and paying for) for about 18 years in case I ended up in Lower Slombokovia with a dire need for dial-up access. You still paying for a similar privilege?

    BTW, Nils, I am joking. (Sad that I need to point that out...)


    I've had ample opportunity to review some of your electronic thoughts as posted here. Let me also bestir my own backside and request that you continue with your postings. Your insight and humor shame my own paltry attempts. Consider myself taken to task and at your feet ready to learn from the master himself...

    Also, as I'm 33, I want to know more of what to expect from the decrepifying effects that time may decide to visit upon me.

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