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    March 17, 2004



    Did cannonballs explode?

    In movies showing battles from the Civil War and earlier conflicts, cannon-fired projectiles inevitably send up dirt and smoke and flailing stuntmen upon impact. It makes a nice visual and is probably easier to stage than an iron ball bouncing murderously through a division.

    In reality, an array of both exploding and solid projectiles were used in the Civil War and for centuries before, but solid shot predominated until around the1850s.

    The earliest cannons, developed in 1300s, fired nothing but solid objects -- stone balls. The following century weapons makers did develop hollow iron balls filled with gunpowder and fitted with a fuse that had to be lit just before firing. But the difficulty in handling these primitive time bombs and in getting them to explode at the target made them both dangerous and unreliable. To minimize the danger of their blowing up in the cannon's barrel, these lit-fuse balls were used mainly in quick-loading, wide-bore, stubby-barreled cannons called howitzers or with drop-and-fire "mortars," which looked like the World War II-era weapon of the same name only much larger.

    Over the centuries, weapons makers devised a great variety of solid-shot combinations and techniques. The one-two punch of stone and iron balls spelled doom for castle walls. At close range, cannons were often used like sawed-off shotguns to fire bunches of smaller balls, devastating to troops massed on level ground. At sea, ships often fired iron bars, chains and small balls to take down masts and rigging. Another trick was to heat a cannonball red hot in hopes of igniting a fire on deck or, better yet, landing one in the enemy ship's magazine. Blasting a hole through the hull of the enemy ship by firing into the water normally didn't work, however. The ball would skip off the surface.

    Elongated solid projectiles called bolts were developed for use with rifled cannons, which had a spiral groove cut on the inside of the barrel to start the projectile spinning and improve accuracy. But round balls were the most common solid shot used in the Civil War, and those are what you see today welded into a pyramid shape and set next to a cannon in a town square.

    Sources: Daniel A. Lindley and Keir Lieber, both Notre Dame assistant professors of government/political science;
    Dennis Showalter, professor of history, Colorado College;
    various reference works

    Nils Ling

    Ahh, thank you, Craig. One more piece of the grand puzzle falls into place - only eight trillion or so more, and I can die a wise man.

    Gotta say, though, every time I watch a Civil War movie, I'm still gonna be yelling at the screen, "Hey! That's just phoney!"


    The use of cannon in "Master and Commander" was apparently most authentic relying in large part at the museum at Midland on Georgian Bay which telss the story of the 1812 shipyards on the Great Lakes. I read in the Star at the time the movie came out that they decided the best way to capture a cannon ball hitting oak was have a cannon ball hit oak. One interesting thing in that movie early on is the "duck" scene where sailors get below the gunnels to hide from the on-coming shot.


    you know, you really should post on your blog more often, Nils. Otherwise it gets a little boring for those of us who lie around off our ass all day long. ;)


    when i was walking over a field by my house the other day i picked up,frome the newly ploughed field,half of what i think may be a cannon ball.
    I`ts` made of stone pale red in color with a 1 centimeter groove that goes all the way through
    is it a cannon ball or something else
    the ball measures 10 centimeters across
    it has finger or thumb marks on it as if it were moulded and handled before it was set
    what do you think

    Bob Sylvester

    I found an old 5" diameter iron ball in the basement of a house that I recently purchased. It has a 1/4" square hole on each side that appear to be filled with a rope like material. The surface of the ball is rough but three letters are (OAR) are visible. There may be more letters or markings that are not clear. Does anyone recognize this object?

    Todd miller

    A friend of mine found a civil war cannon ball about six months ago in del eon springs Florida in a cattle field I was looking it over and seen a plug in the center of it flush with the ball with two tiny holes in it. Yea live one!! Called the bomb squad and they came out and looked at it. And soon after strapped c4 to it and blew it up. They looked at it after and noticed it had a live charge in it! But it was probably to damp to self detonate. Thank god we didn't go after it with the torch like we where thinking about doing! HA HA!

    Conford Bullsquat

    I heard of a civil war vet who, some years after the war, pooped a cannon ball by accident and broke the porcelain toilet bowl. When the throne collapsed, he was anally impaled on an upstanding shard of the procelain, and was saved by a hemorrhoid. He later died laughing his ass off ...


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