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    February 26, 2004


    Robert  Paterson

    Happy birthday Nils. Now I am several years on from 50, it doesn't feel so bad. Have a great celebration
    Best wishes Rob


    Happy Birthday Nils! Is your birthday on the 26th? If so, we have something in common, although I only turned 25 this year. I'll try to catch up to you ;)


    Happy Belated Birthday Nils.

    Alastair McIntyre

    Hi Nils... just wanted to say many thanks for inviting me to your Birthday bash and Kitchen Party. It was great for a local Scot to see what a Kitchen Party was all about and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and your family and friends and the music was top notch :-)

    Cranky Chick

    Happy belated birthday! Meeting Jodi used to be on my list too until I realized she would only spend our meeting making fun of my sensible shoes.

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