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    February 05, 2004


    Calico Cat

    Strangely similar,, I found two fifty dollar bills at a bus stop in downtown Ottawa a few years ago. Same issue, half the brain said "wow, bonus for me, probably some drug dealer losing it out of his baggy pants", then the other half kicked in, "hmm probably a single mom on her way to to Loblaws to get pablum and baby formula for her kids etc., fell out of her purse etc" What to do??? I spent it, it still bothers me to this day. I think about it every now and again....


    On a trip to Vancouver a few years ago, our daughter, her then- boyfriend and I emerged from Starbucks on Robson Street. While waiting to cross at the lights, a very expensive sports car went booming through the amber light and threw out a cigarette package on the street. I muttered something about littering and the boyfriend picked it up to put it in the trashcan. To this day, we don't know what made him open the empty cigarette package, but he did. In it was 4 twenty's. He was a struggling student and their was no question that it was a "finders, keepers" situation that had just gone down. The irony of it all...on his way home from classes at Simon Fraser that day, he got nailed for speeding. You guessed it...the fine was $80.00!


    Anyone that is #1. stupid enough to smoke and #2. dumb enough to store cash in a cig package would be #3. expected to litter, and therefore, #4. deserved to lose their money. However, too bad the student lost it for speeding, but there must be a message here somewhere...


    Wow, the cigarette-pack story really brought back a memory. I was about 12-years-old at time, and was playing the 14th hole at Brudenell. As I was searching for my lost ball in the woods on the left (I wasn't always a 2-handicap), I spotted a cigarette pack, opened it, and found some money. It was a pile of money for a 12-year-old.

    Wouldn't you know it, when we got to the 16th-tee, a grown-up asked us "Did anyone find a cigarette pack with some money in it?" Unbelievable!, I thought... It was at least 30-feet in the woods almost in the creek!

    He gave me a $5 reward.

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