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    February 23, 2004



    Well said (er, typed.)

    That said (er, typed), does anyone else find it ironic that those blog posters who called CBC staffers "sloppy" and "irrelevant" could also be accused of not digging into the whole story a bit more? ...pot calling the kettle black, anyone... anyone...


    er, AFAIK bloggers are not paid big chunks of taxpayer dollars, bloggers do not have a national mandate, bloggers have no duty to inform nor canon of journalistic ethics/practice. [RantMode=Off] This poor little Island desperately needs some grown up media capable of looking beyond the fluff of a press release. Like many others, I depend on Tim's for hard news and, increasingly, look to the blogs for insight(s).


    I am still unsure about what all the weeping and gnashing was about, then. Appeared more territorial than anything.

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