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    January 15, 2004



    Ah dear Nils....a gentle reminder...If you lived somewhere where you didn't have this wonderful weather....You wouldn't have to worry about car batteries...but car theft would be the concern or B+Es or mugging or...Nothing like a minus 30 windchill to cut crime.
    Your dog wouldn't be frozen to the hydrant but he would have fleas or heartworm or some of the other warm weather bugs that thrive in the absence of frost.
    Your little island would be unbearably crowded if one didn't have to make peace with the weather gods to live there.
    and don't fall for the drivel from our friends in BC. At this time of year they are all drippping with mildew ,mould and depression under the never ending grey sky.
    Take the sun,snow and jumper cables my friend and don't tell too many about just how great it can be... Keeps the rif raf out if they think you are suffering


    Well you could always move to florida. but then we'd have to listen to you b**ch about the a/c unit not working properly. :) :) And I have a random question: why dont you all have solar heated garages up north? I'll never understand why this technology isn't more affordable and commonplace. Loved the description of the day after a blizzard btw.

    Harrod G

    poor you!

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