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    January 22, 2004



    Ah, the old silverback beats his chest and the rowdy young bucks cease their display activity and head for cover. Nature at work, red in tooth and claw. When I were a nipper (arrr, Jim lad, many years ago now), any father in the neighbourhood would regard it as his bounden duty to render an admonishment or even a cuff to restore seemliness and decorum. The wowsers would be out in hot pursuit these days. Be careful: a parent - aided by some lawyer who is actually using oxygen we might need some day - may bring a suit for the psychological harm you have done by humiliating their young lad in a public place. I try to confine my boring old fart activities to reminding Alan of the need for good spelling and grammar, but Craig does tell me it spills over into other areas of endeavour.


    Oh perfect. Equally enjoyable is to have an out-of-control full blown purple in the face spittle flying hissy fit at the next merchant that treats you rudely. Yeah, you will never be able to go back, but jeeze it feels good.


    Being under the age of 30, I'm still a little shy of playing the role of grumpy old fart. However, your post and both replies (by all three of ye grumpy old farts) was most entertaining for this young whipper-snapper.


    An admirable profession. However, not without inherient risks. Be careful out there.


    Oh, this brings back memories of days wondering the toy isles of the local TG&Y (long since out of business mulit-purpose store of the south) and being scolded time and again for playing with the toys by the Blue Haired Grumpy Old Fart that trolled the store looking for little kids to harangue.


    What a well written entry! Kudos to you in standing up and doing the right thing. It's a shame society and stores tolerate this kind of behavior nowadays. Perhaps if more of us stood up and refused to accept the unacceptable we wouldn't have such rampant displays of rudeness from these children. Sadly, it seems waiting for their parents to get them back in line is not going to happen.


    MAN- CHILL..............................

    Jim Fogg

    Well said, must have sounded eerily like "Justin of Amercia"........had just entered the room.....

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