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    January 26, 2004


    Cranky Chick

    Ah, a man after my own heart. :) Thanks to my mom, I have an appreciation for all music, including opera. This group just blew me away. I'm glad you liked them. I'm trying to single handedly secure their success in the states so I can see them in concert at some point! Ha!




    Yeah, the voices are quite nice, but the cheesy video to "Unchained Melody" ... for the love of Pete, God, Liza, and all else that is good and/or holy ... it has to go go go go GO.


    Good grief Jodi! Of course it's cheesy. Opera is supposed to be cheesy. It's the fondue pot of the arts! Have you never been to one?

    Nils, I shall be eternally grateful to you for posting this sight. How did 2 people from the same SJCI yr. develop a love for opera in that environment? What a treat and thank you Cranky Chick. I'm in your debt as well.


    I doubt that opera is supposed to be cheesy, Elizabeth. But that aside, the video is just cheesy in its own right. Nothing worse than something that takes itself so seriously when it has no reason to.

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