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    December 01, 2003



    Gee Nils you're as cynical about the Festival as I am about xmas. Not that I've never been critical of the C.F., but I'm actually impressed by this year's line-up.
    The CanCon is there with Anne and Johnny Belinda, which BTW is a great show, 'deaf girl gets raped' and everything, and Patsy Cline is a money maker, and it's a good show worth seeing. The Something Wonderful show will be typical of any revue show they've ever produced, snazzy and painless, and hopefully a money maker too, but probably not.
    Just LOVE it Nils. That's all The Festival wants, is to be loved. (wink, wink)


    Isn't 500 miles south of there beyond the edge of the continental shelf? What's the cultural content there? Red fish fishin' long-liner shanties?

    Nils Ling

    My desk faces due north. So bite me arse. *smirk*


    I don't think you can use lack of time as an excuse for an unimaginative season put together by the incoming artistic director. One of the first questions you'd be asked (or should) in the job interview is, "If you were hired as artistic director, what would be your play selections for your first season?"

    This, of course, implies that you were interviewed in the first place.

    The last revue that the Festival did was "Encore!", a retrospective of past Festival musicals with music taken mostly out of context. It had the dubious distinction of halfing the expected box office for a new Mainstage show in subsequent years. I don't envy anyone the task of putting together a show like that.

    Nils Ling

    And I don't envy anyone the task of marketing a show like that. And I really don't envy anyone the task of enduring a show like that from the audience. I sure won't.

    robert paterson

    I am with you Nils - sad sad sad. I love Anne and I think it shoud always be part of our summer. BUT come on this is meant to be a national centre and let's have good Canadian stuff.

    Beyond the summer, I am also depressed at the abysmal stamnard of theatre in schools here. Why can't the centre by a catalyst to help Island kids really do something special as well. The Centre coud push music, acting and singing an ddancing and have the same type of artictic impact that say the Olympic facilities have had on winter sport in Calgary. What a waste!

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