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    November 17, 2003


    robert paterson

    My dog Mildred is an ace squirrel hunter - any chance of a visit?

    Nils Ling

    I don't need the damn things hunted - I know where they are. Now, can Mildred fit into the teensy space between my ceiling and the office roof and root the lil bastards out from under Fibreglas Pink?? If so, bring her on down!


    A group of squirrels is called a dray or a scurry.

    Jeeves knows everything!

    robert paterson

    No but she can scare them out - she seems to have this knack of getting them to fall out of trees - so why not your attic?


    Do you have any idea where they are getting in? Maybe you could run a trail of nuts from the opening to say...a hungry bear, or something similar?

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