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    November 19, 2003


    Rob MacD

    I love grocery shopping when I have the time to enjoy it. Lately, it's been nothing more than a quick in-out experience, though. Which leads me to my theory: that grocery shopping releases our primal urge endorphins, if only on a subconscious level. At the grocery store, men become hunters, women become gatherers and we all have our mate-antennae up. If only on a subconscious level.


    Rob's 'quick in-out experience' is one I can relate to.


    I am also a lover of grocery shopping. Anytime, anywhere, all over the world, I like to go to the grocery store!
    I like to take my time. I go down every single aisle, even the pet aisle (even though i don't have a pet).


    In the early morning hours, our grocery store bakery smells like heaven, with fresh baked breads, donuts and goodies galore. Later in the afternoon, you can smell the rotisserie chicken and roasted pork floating out into the parking lot. and in the early morning hours, the freshest fruits come in to produce, the scent of oranges fills the air. and despite these heavenly scents.. I still hate grocery shopping and always will. It's a mom thing. After awhile, you just come to dread it. So Nils, i'd suggest you start a new trend: Men Who Grocery Shop for Pleasure. please. get the trend going. women everywhere will thank you. ;)

    Nils Ling

    Yummmm, lovely images of the bakery and the early morning smells, yet more reasons to linger over shopping.

    I'm with Cynthia and Rob ... the quick in-out is never anywhere close to being as satisfying as making it last. Savour the sights, the fragrances, the sensory pleasures ... take time to let your eyes and hands caress the delicacies laid out before you. Move slowly up and down the rows ... up ... and down ... touching .. smelling ... adding item after item ... more, more, yes, I want that, yes, yessss ... until your cart groans ... and then you find sweet release at the checkout counter ...

    Then, of course, you grab the bags and toss 'em in the trunk and get on with life ...

    ... and women will thank me? Wow. And here it was just something I like to do for myself.


    I do enjoy grocery shopping. Not with the extreme passion that some have described. Like many though my trips lately seem to be run in grab what I need and go. My favourite time to shop no longer exists. There may not be the smell of fresh bread or produce, but at one in the morning you do have the whole store to your self. And if you do see people in the store, then you do see some interesting characters.

    I am making the transion from student to productive member of society and hope to soon be able to make more purchases from my favourite section of the grocery store. The back wall of the store where all that meat is kept. For the most part I am limitted to hamburger (don't get me wrong I love hamburger, give me hamburger, a can of corn and a can of tomato soup and I will put it on anything and love it), but I love staring at the fresh cut meat behind the glass. Not that drab stuff sitting on styrofoam wrapped in clingwrap, but that bright red thick piece of steak, or the long row of ribs. I always picture it fresh of the bar-b-que more than slightly pink with juices flowing out of it as you cut it.

    Look what I went and done, and it is still over an hour until lunch.

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