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    November 17, 2003


    robert paterson

    Nils - you know about thee things - why so may glitches tonight - does the host make the cuts? Surely the control room do this?


    I'm obviously biased but I think Bruce did a great job, too, Nils. The errors were computer-related and had nothing to do with Bruce's presence, though I, too, thought he handled it very well. Trial by fire, I guess.

    It's great to have him here.

    Nils Ling

    Actually ... I don't know much about these things. I do know the host doesn't make the technical decisions, that the control room handles it. But there can be any number of reasons a given switch was missed or came late, or a given story didn't roll when it was introduced. It's the host's job to handle it all with aplomb and poise - something Bruce did - and will continue to do - admirably.


    While wandering through the Fredericton CBC studios during an Open House last year, I struck up a chat with one of the control room techs. He remarked that control room activities for Fredericton would soon all be performed in Toronto.

    Has that happened in Charlottetown and, if so, how do those Big Smoke techs interpret Boomer-speak?

    Nils Ling

    No idea ... I'm rarely in the building these days. Far as I know, though, most of the tech stuff still happens here. For now.

    As for Boomer-speak ... they probably wouldn't "get" him ... yet one more chasm between Upper Canada and us.


    I'm from Nova Scotia and I never "got" Boomer - just because you are a weatherman does not mean you have to shout like you are in a high wind all the time. Place that chasm just north of Pictou Island.

    Nils Ling

    Boomer's style is unique and - as in any question of style - not going to be to everyone's taste. But he's a nice guy and a good friend and his weather spots do more to raise awareness of events in our communities than just about any other way of getting the word out.

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