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    November 11, 2003


    robert paterson

    Nice design Nils


    Bearded men look great in denim shirts.


    Excellent "Friendly Giant" reference, I can tell I'm going to like your blog already.


    Nils: you've been geek-bullied.

    In the interests of self-disclosure, I should start by saying I have tried RSS Reader-ing a few times and never liked it... To those who say that RSS is the future of the Internet, right now I say (in Nils Ling-speak), "Feh!"

    I do agree we need some help filtering all of the information that is available to us on the Internet; I just remain unconvinced that RSS is the right tool. I grant that it is, perhaps, a step in the right direction. Right now, I much prefer controlling my own weblog perusing. That way, if I'm not feeling Nils-ish or Cyn-ish today, I can go somewhere else. Chaotic, I know, but it works for me.

    I'd alter Peter Rukavina's metaphor about "RSS and weblogs / masturbation and group sex" to say, "Viewing weblogs with RSS is like sex with a condom: keeps invading things out and in, and viewing weblogs without RSS is like unprotected sex: sometimes hazardous but it sure feels good."

    In the name of all that is holy, let's all agree now not to compare RSS and sex again.

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