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    November 21, 2003


    robert paterson

    Maybe English is such a hodgepodge of eclectic stuff from other cultures that it doesn't have a central logic? Latin, Norse, Saxon, French as founding nodes and then the influence of trading and empire. There are 200 million English speakers in India who are busy taking it off in another direction. In the US ditto and what about Australia let alone Canada? In Europe, Latin evolved over time directly into French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian. I wonder how mixed up English will be in 1,000 years?


    I am gald I took one year of latin in undergrad and got some of this stuff cleared up. But distress / distrain I think is related to truss and the latin traho - nah, that's a load of crap. I just took latin to check out the cute anglicans.

    robert paterson

    What about the cute catholics - we always imagined that they had such a well developed sense of sin that sin would be possible


    I am a UKC Kingsman. The world divided into Anglicans and non-conformists struggling through latin grace. I took latin to follow my grad ceremony which only broke into the vernacular for the speechifications.


    Personally I've always compared the English language with Microsoft. Constantly breaking down, and not a single source available to fix all the errors.
    btw,I had a good laugh about the "cute catholic" comment posted by Rob Patterson. :)


    When learning to drive a standard at age 15, I became very cunfused when the manual told me to depress the clutch. Honestly, at an age a decade or more older than 15, it still confuses me.

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